Company Evolution

In the second evolution of the business, we upgraded to a trailer which ran solely on electric. All appliances and cooking equipment were full electric and this was our pre-fryer days. We continued into our second Fair and Festival season but quickly learned that using electric cooking appliances was not a wise choice. The need for a large power source lead us to having to have a big generator which was bulky and noisy.  Also we noticed that the electric griddles could not keep up well in large demand or in cold weather. We still did well during that season and due to the issues we experienced, we upgraded once again. 

volume every year. Although our trailer was very well equipped, by doing daily lunch sites, we encountered new locations where the volume of sales overwhelmed the capacity of the unit. So yet another evolution was badly needed. 

Now operating out of our full size truck, we are now able to serve more locations on a daily basis. Of the largest size trucks allowable by the City of Columbus' public right of way license (PROW) this truck measures in at 25'-0" not including the bumpers and weighs in at a weight of 14,995 pounds unloaded. The vehicle to date has performed flawlessly. We are adding new features to the truck over the final months of 2018 which will speed up ordering at the window and allow remote ordering via your smartphone. Our goal is to make sure customers can get hot fresh food with very little wait times. Because this is the largest allowable unit by the city's regulations, we can no longer upgrade into bigger daily units designed for the road. We can only add to the company fleet. 

When we first opened our doors to the public we were a small pop up tent at the local fair. With a rapid level of growth we have evolved into what we are today! We thank all of you for making our business such a wonderful success, we could not have done it without all of you!

During the 2014 Festival and Street Fair season, we operated out of this popup stand that you see here. Starting out we decided to try this part-time to see how well the business would do. Our first event was in our home county of Delaware at the local fair.

third  evolution


fourth  evolution

Starting Platform

In our third evolution we moved to a propane (LP Gas) set of cooking griddles and added a fryer. In addition to the new equipment, we also added a pizza oven, steam table, and a sandwich prep table so we could assemble items quicker while keeping items much more organized. 

By adding all these new features, we moved into daily lunch service into the Columbus and surrounding areas. Since then we have been growing by a large